Stumbled upon this movie today, Santa’s Boot Camp (2013).  I was of course immediately drawn to it because of  my new parent mobile app “Edy’s Boot Camp.” It’s a great time of year!

Tips for maximizing the, “Santa Card” with your kids

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas can seem like an eternity in terms of stretching out the golden utility of the, “I’m going to tell Santa” threat. The Santa clause (pun intended) is a gift this time of year.  But you don’t want to wear it out by using it …

The movie caption reads:

“When children become so bratty and self-centered that Santa’s elves go on strike, Santa is forced to bring in six troubled youths to his boot camp to finish everything by Christmas. Will the kids focus all their attention on escaping the boot camp or can everyone come together and settle their differences in time to save Christmas?”

I love it!  Looks like a fun little family movie.  I’m going to watch it with a few kids this holiday season!


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