Well, I started this post looking for good videos on terrible twos temper tantrums.

terrible twos temper tantrums

I quickly developed a headache from listening to and watching all the crying and temper tantrums.  It’s not pretty…and for all you parents with children somewhere in the spectrum of terrible twos who deal with temper tantrums regularly, probably the last thing you want to see is more toddlers balling their eyes out, screaming with snot running down their faces.  The good news is, terrible twos don’t last forever and neither do the temper tantrums (hopefully).  In the meantime, these videos offer some constructive ideas on how to deal with the temper tantrums.

Here’s one on terrible twos temper tantrums from The Health Science Channel (click here for another video on dealing with temper tantrums at their website). Some nice advice. Notice they say to give kids choices is good, but not a million options! Think of it as simply option 1 or option 2.  As soon as you hear #3 or #4 coming out of your mouth, STOP!

And here’s another from Simply Parenting on a two year old’s behavior and terrible twos temper tantrums.

Many of you have probably read and viewed a ton of information on the terrible twos stage and dealing with temper tantrums. But sometimes, when you’re in the trenches of the day to day, it’s easy to lose sight of what you know, so here’s a reminder. Most importantly, remember that, this too shall pass.

- Brat Whisperer


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